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The audio manager APK has another name according to it’s functionally is (Hide It Pro). It distinguishes its self and also has a pin to ensure your privacy. In your main menu, this app is there at with dual appearance. First one is an audio manager that will up or down your volume to increase or decrease the sound of your music. The second one appears (Hide it pro) when you long press on it. This is basically the secret vault to make your data private.

It is tough these days to hide or keep your personal data in safe. In Fact, within your own phone, it is much difficult to make your data secure. We know that our family members and other friends get our phone for several purposes. Even we put a code or lock to phone they will find our secret content on the go. To avoid such issues we are here to share an awesome application for android users. This app will some away misguide those who sneak on your Smartphone to steal your personal data consequently.

It uses a very simple and technological method to hide your data including photos, videos, documents and other personal information.

After you download the app from the given link location. Just install it on your Android device and make easy file locations.

Now you can see that this application will successfully install. An icon shows on your main menu which has a name auto manager. So everyone knows that this was an auto manager and it will manage your audio songs. It is the manager for those audio files which are currently stored on your phone. But the actual thing is not that is appearing or you see. It will save and secure your files with password protection with a different name instead of the actual name.

We almost know that other data protection apps are working but they use their actual name. After all those sneaky peoples find that app and try to unlock and get your personal information at all.

Additionally, it hides images, videos, apps, games, messages and even your calls will be safe inside. Finally, it is the time to share your phone with anyone without worrying more about the privacy policy. They even not expect that this audio manager APK contain your all important files in protection.

So what are you waiting for just grab the file from the given link location and let’s begin?

Download >>> Hide It Pro