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Auto-Touch Android No Root APK

Did you find it hard while playing the game to touch the same place for unlimited times to get win more points? Yes, while playing many games, I need this to touch on a place to kill the enemy, or to get coins, cash or money.

Now, you can get this done using an application, Auto touch APK. This application provides you touch, and you can get the manual control of touching your Android phone screen. The application link has already given, you get it from the description, and install auto Touch Android no Root APK.

What is Auto Touch?

Auto-touch is an application that records your touching to a specific place in a game or other place and repeats the same process. Like, you need to touch on some area of the game, to earn some points, or to make the game going. The application now does your job, and you just lay down and enjoy, the job will be completed.

How does the app work?

The use of the application is very easy. But, to get it installed you need to download it from our servers. The application has been removed from the Google Play Store, for more than one reason. And you have to get it from the given download link.

Install Auto Touch Android application on your phone or tablet:

Now, you play the game and touch on the icon of the Auto touch which will be showing on the left upper side of the screen.

  • And touch on the area where you need to touch
  • The app will record those touches, and you can execute or run those touches.
  • Save the file with the desired name, and also provide the repetition.
  • Now, you play the game and launch the Auto-Touch saved file. You will see the Auto-Touch keep pressing or
  • touching on the area where you recorded.

To get the continuation of these clicks or touches for entire day or night, you need to set it to 0000 repetitions. In that case, the app will continue touching until you manually stop it.

The application got a very clean interface, and you can easily control the working of the application. The link has already been given, you just get it from the given download link. You might also like to try Easy touch and Hiromacro alternatively.