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Do you want to play a prank with your friends? Or want to gather some laughter while sitting around your circle? Bombitup APK is a nice recipe to get this done.

What is BomBitUp APK?

This application, as the name speaks for itself, bombarded others with the messages. There will be hundreds in numbers of SMS and others will get made by deleting them. Or you can set it for the phone calls, and the number will get hundreds of phone calls and will remain busy for the next hours.

Bombitup is an application that sends hundreds of fake messages and phone calls to the desired phone number. One can download this application free of cost and install it to an Android phone and start using it from the core.

The application initially only was available for India, but now when the services have expanded, one can get the services out of India from India and vice versa.

How to use Bombitup?

A Bombitup application can spread a smile across your faces. The features are the reasons the application stands out in the massive crowd.

  • This application is simple in use, and with the tap of few fingers, one can get the job expertise.
  • Like, you need to download the App from the given download link.
  • Install it on an Android phone or tablet, and launch it on your phone.
  • Put the phone number and select either you want to send SMS blast or Call blast And set the number of times.

And the put the content of the message what you want to show to the user In the same way, if you want to send unlimited emails, email blast section would deal it with the better ways. But, you should not this for unlimited emails, because this can harm your email account and Google can ban you from using Gmail.

In nutshell, Bombitup is a fine tune to play a prank with friends and gather some laughter while sitting in the circle with the loved ones.

Download Bombitup APK from the given download link and get the right use of it.

Additional Information:

App NameBombitup (SMS & Call Bomber)
File Type.APK File Format
Size10.9 MBs

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