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Clockworkmod recovery APK

Clockworkmod recovery: Do you know what ROM is? Read-only memory (ROM), it is the place where your mobile phone operating system places. All the themes, kernel, and other mobile stuff, all exist in the ROM. And you also know about Stock ROM recover? Example, your phone is working slowly, and you think some apps, and other stuff has taken the performance of the phone down, and you go to the stock Recovery mode, and get your phone free from all the existing application, or the stuff which is previously on your phone.

And now comes the custom recovery, where you flash your mobile phone with the Custom ROM. Custom ROM is ROM which is not developed by officially. But a developer or team of developers developed that operating system. Clockworkmod recovery APK is the popular custom review for Android phones and tablet, it is developed by Koush.

Clockworkmod Recovery APK (CWM) allows you to perform several advanced recoveries, like restoring the previous version of custom ROM. Maintenance the operating system, backup the device’s data. Installing Custom ROMs, KERNELS, themes, and other mods.

How does the App work?

Now, you are not only installing new firmware files or ROM on your phone but managing all these functions quite impressively. Like, you have installed a custom ROM on your phone. Using Clockworkmod recovery manager, and you do not like that Custom ROM and you want to try some other custom ROMs.

So, what will you do, you reboot your phone using Clockworkmod recovery and load the custom ROM files using your Sd card or phone storage and flash that custom ROM on your phone. Now, you have done this via Clockworkmod recovery, and you do not want that OS as well. Now you want to bring back that old Custom ROM. You can go to Clockworkmod recovery APK again and can restore that old ROM with just one tap of the finger. All the apps, settings, and stuff will appear again.

Same in the row, before flashing your phone, you can create a backup, so that you would not be needed to install your favorite apps again. You just tap on restore button and get those apps, and settings again. Moreover, we have given you the download link to the application. Just tap on the download button and get the app on your phone. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section. TWRP manager