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Dr driving 2: If you a true gamer and love to play lots of video games, then you would have known the fact, the taste of a good video game is not lesser than the taste of a good food. So, that game is surely going to give you a good taste. This game will allow you to drive on road having your best vehicle and drive safely, fast, following signals, secure, following all the rules of traffic, and still have to reach at your destinations at given time.

This Dr driving 2 is its own time of the game, having a different concept, different ideology to follow, you can have this game to make yourself to follow the traffic rules. All the rules which you need to follow while driving while being monitored here in the game, and at the end of the game. If you would have succeeded in reaching your destination, in accomplishing the goal, you would be awarded a cash prize. By using that cash, you can buy and hold the best vehicle according to your cash.

Traffic regulation, safety, security, fastness care is the core part of the game, you should be fast, secure, clever and following the rules of the traffic in winning the battle of the game.

If you have broken the law of traffic, become part of an accident or killed someone, you would be out of the game directly.

If you just break the signals rule, and did not crush anyone, you will be misused with the target scores and maybe you follow the other rules in a better way to minimize the damage of first signal breaking or not following the rule. The sum at the end will narrate the fate of your drive, and will be finalized either you have been successful or not.
The own type of the game, having different mission, different destinations, different graphics and different rules to follow. All the rules of the game will be mentioned at the start of the game, the graphics of the game also tell the story of the game, and you need to follow the rules in the case if you want to emerge as a winner at the end of the game.

Different 200 missions of the game will appeal you to make Love the game entirely.

So, you need to pick the best vehicle, put the gears, give the race follow the rules of the signals. Follow all the targets which have been giving to you, and finish the final line at the time without of crushing anyone, without of anyone to kill.

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