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Flashfire pro is an advanced tool for rooted android phones to flash their firmware. The tool is allowing users to flash various phones from different manufacturers. FlashFire latest version v0.73 is with new features are faster to the actual performance. Flashfire is developed by Chainfire and currently, they are working continue to enhance improvements. Now support and compatible with Google library to find the ROMs very quickly and easily. This is the most powerful Android flashing tool, so you cause it without any risk. There was no chance to lose the data, you can do soft and hard brick for a phone. Use it on Android smartphones, tablet devices, and mobile phones.

Flashfire will enable you to access the root without using any custom recovery. So you can instantly apply ZIP and over the air updates. We all know that the flashing of a smartphone will erase all of its data. But now don’t worry about it after you just here to get flashfire pro for the real use.

Features of flashfire Pro:

  • Maintain the root at OTA
  • Get backups and restores on different formats
  • On restoring anything FPE issues are no more
  • You can store flash of other files on the internal storage
  • You can just choose to not wipe the internal storage of the device while flashing
  • Everything you can manage and operate the device from your PC
  • You can connect it with the Computer device same likes as PC suite software can do

Note: All the features you can get on the Flashfire Pro are now available on this free version. So you don’t have to purchase the premium version to get the full access. This may be changed in near future, so till now, you can enjoy all the premium versions of the pro version for free of cost.

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