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Do you want to be the sole champion of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Just Download the INZ patcher to make your dream come true.

So if you are an action game lover then probably you are well aware of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. One of the top combat games that are winning the hearts of players by its amazing storyline and graphics. As the game involves battling with other players then fighters should be well equipped. But the problem is, all the necessary equipment that is integral for winning is locked.

It can only be acquired by winning missions or tasks and the other way is by spending huge sums of money. Most teenagers are not capable of spending that huge sum of money on these advanced weapons. So, they prefer hacking tools to modify the game.

Not all ML tools work as they should be. Only a few out of a hundred can work as their developers said. We are here to introduce the player to the most advanced and fully functional tool that is INZ Patcher.

What is an INZ Patcher?

Developed by InFezo, the INZ patcher will empower the players to unlock various skins of different characters along with other cheats and hacks. The 10 minutes match is full of difficulties and tasks, only an INZ Patcher can make it a cakewalk. Without any delay, download and start ruling the game with new tips and tricks.

Is it safe to use?

No, hacking or cheating in any multiplayer game ruins the fun part of it. The security filters of the game are doing what they can, to sort out the cheating issues. They will ban the gaming account for a few weeks or days as a warning or otherwise permanently delete the gaming account of the players along with all the in-game progress.

Are there any precautionary measures that a player can take to minimize the risk of a ban?

Cheating has become the biggest problem in online games as it can cause a major imbalance in the game. But the tight security system of gaming authorities can detect hacking or cheating even if they have anti-ban features. Thousands of unlucky players around the world got blocked due to cheating. But still, many players are playing multiplayer games with such tools but be cautious.

App Screenshots

INZ Patcher
INZ Patcher

Apply one cheat at a time.

Never make the mistake of using any hacking tool on an official gaming account. Try it on a guest account.
Multiple cheats at one time will land the player in big trouble. As the opponent will report the player if they suspect them using hacks and cheats.

Features of INZ Patcher

To make the gameplay more interesting and engaging, the developer is always ready to add new updates. When new updates come, all the existing tools become outdated. So in this regard, Players need new and advanced tools to cope with these updates.

  • ML Skins. The patcher can open the locks of these skins given below.
  • Fighter. For the 4 heroes of the fighter, the patcher offers 40 skins.
  • Assassin. For the 4 heroes of Assassin, this patcher has 32 skins.
  • Tank. No skins may be in the new version.
  • Marksman. 2 heroes of Marksman have 20 skins.
  • Mage. The 2 heroes of mage have 15 skins for use.

Battle Emotes

More than 25 battle emotes are ready to use. Players can easily talk with their friends during the battle with these emotes.


The patcher offers background music to its users. Will make changes happen within no time like our previous Zaxius Domain Patcher is doing for ML players.

Drone View

The drone view shows the broad view of the battlefield so that players can make a good strategy of eliminating the enemies. The patcher supports the drone view up to 10X.

Recall Effects

More than 27 recalls are available for use. The player can get a new chance to win the battle through this option.


By making a fake IP address, the developer claims that a player will not receive a ban.

Free of Cost

The Inz Patcher offers skins and other cheats without charging a single penny from its users. It is free of cost.

What’s New?

  • Unlock Skins
  • Unlock Recalls
  • Unlock Emotes
  • Fix All Bugs
  • No Third-Party Account

How to use the tool?

The tool has a user-friendly interface due to which the app does not put the user into many difficulties. Even noobs can understand it and operate it without any technical know-how.

On the homepage, the user will get full access to all the cheats. From here, click on the desired one and inject it. It will be injected within a few seconds and start working.

In a nutshell,

The high-end competition in the 5vs5 combat game always requires external support that can assist the player on the battlefield. The INZ patcher lets the player get a remarkable victory without much effort and smash the enemies in no time. Download and install the tool and keep sharing with friends and family.

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