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KenHarvey injector provides a “proven way” that can make gameplay more convenient for players. Download the KenHarvey injector apk to get superiority over other players.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is not considered an ordinary shooting game, it has become a trending hobby for people worldwide. People play it for hours tirelessly without getting bored.

Folks are always in search of easy ways to get full control of the game without spending a penny. For this reason, several injectors have come to markets but only a few out of them are fully functional and compatible with new updates. Others just waste your valuable time with their big, empty words. Sometimes it is hard to find a gem out of stones.

Let us introduce you to the best injector that will not only serve the player as great support but also make the gameplay easy-peasy.

What is a KenHarvey injector?

Developed by Z.E.N KenHarvey, the hacking tool is specifically designed to give full access to all in-game high-priced skins for free. It is here to assist all those players who want to win big by defeating their enemies like a pro. Winning is not a piece of cake for players but this hack can help even novices to stand out in the crowd with their action-packed performance. Is there anything left to say?

Is it safe to use?

How can we say that it is safe? Hacks and cheats can never be safe. The tight security system of gaming authorities can detect the hacks instantly and as a result, the entire account will be terminated without any notice. Ban can be for a lifetime or some weeks. All the in-game progress will be permanently deleted.

Are there any precautionary measures that a player can use to avoid the risk of getting a ban?

The gaming authorities are very good at stopping hackers from manipulating the game. Players are at great risk of losing gaming accounts forever. So it is not advisable to fall for these hacks and cheats. However, by following these points players may minimize the risk of getting a ban.

Try to act like an ordinary player while playing against opponents. Multiple cheats at one time can land the player in hot waters. As the opponents will sense hacks being used and immediately report the player at the end of the match.

App Screenshots

KenHarvey Injector
KenHarvey Injector


If a player is crazy enough and wants to modify MLBB with full freedom then KenHarvey is here to assist the players in becoming a master with minimal effort. Below are the most astonishing features of the tool.

ML Skins

With the tool, a player can get almost all the skins of his favorite characters to give a makeover to the warriors. Every skin possesses a special kind of power to fight against the enemies. Skins include


Dyrroth, chou, Yu Zhong, XBorg, and khaleed. This tool supports 8skins for chou.


Guison, fanny, ling, Hanzo, Selena, Helcurt, and Hayabusa are available.


Granger, Bruno, and clint.


Dozens of skins are available for Esmeralda, kagura, Harith, and Valir. Skins of Tank and Support are coming soon.


Players will be able to play the game with a fake IP address. With fake IP, the risk of getting a ban is minimized.

No Registration

No registration and password is required.

No Ads

It is free from ads.

Root Permission

It can work without the root permission.


It has all the updated features. Will have Fix all bugs on your Mobile Legend games.

How to download and install the tool?

Players can not find hacks and cheats from Google Play Store because it is against the policies set by Google. Players will be able to download the hacking tools from any third-party website. We are providing a fully functional link in our post here.

Tap the link for download and within seconds it will be downloaded.

For installation, it is necessary to go to phone security settings and enable the “unknown sources” option.
Now Give permission for installation and unlike Google Play Store it will be installed within a minute.
The tool is ready to use.

Is it easy to use?

The developer of the tool makes it user-friendly that even a newbie can operate it without any prior training. The user interface is in the dark mode and once the tool is installed, open the tool, and give it a user name. Now it is easy to select the items by scrolling down the main menu. So what are you waiting for?

In Final Words.

It is summed up that KenHarvey injector can help the players become strong warriors by unlocking almost all the skins to modify the appearance of an ML hero. So, are you ready to perform exceptionally in your favorite game? Then try this tool to get amazing outcomes within seconds, do not forget to share it with your friends and family.

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