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Do you want to get free Facebook photo likes? If yes, then stick to this post and download Liker US APK from the given download link. And read about how to use this simple application to get free image likes, post likes, and profile picture likes. Liker US is the application what you expect from this application. This simple Android application has earned its unique place in the market of Facebook Auto Liker application. And as per the latest ratings, this app stands heads and shoulder above the rest apps.

So, do not wait so much and just tap on the given download link, and store the APK file on your phone.

How to use Liker US application?

To get the right use of this auto Liker application, you are not demanded to learn to code or need to have a tech background. The simple application works on taps, and by reading you would get the job done.

Download Liker.US from the given download link and install it on an Android phone or tablet.

Does not worry the app will not harm your reputation, nor will post spam on your behalf.

Now, after installing and launching it, log in to your Facebook account.

And choose one among three displayed tabs.

  • I) Feed
  • II) Picture
  • III) URL

You can choose your image on which you are desired to get Facebook likes. Or can paste a link of any other image of other Facebook ID and send impressions to.

This application by default send 30 impressions, you can choose even the type of impressions.

And you can enhance the numbers to 200 and have that number of likes in one submission.

But, it will create issues for you, and in later times Facebook can run its algorithm and catch you maligning or manipulating its system and block the account.

So, stick to the default 30 impressions, it will cause no problem for you.

Download Liker US APK from the given download link and install it on your Android phone.

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More Information About Application:

App NameLiker US
File Size
Format.APK file
Current Versionv93.5 (Updated)
Developers Team

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