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If you are a fitness freak and want to monitor your daily activities and impact of that activity on your health. You should use Xiaomi Mi Band. This band will help you in recognizing your health condition. Your daily life routine, daily workout habits and all that stuff regarding health. Besides this, you will notify you about what you need to do more. For using this Mi Band, you need to have Mi Fit APK. Without of that application, that band will be useless, and without of the band, this application will be useless. These both will work in a circle, the band will connect to the Mi Fit application to communicate and tell you about a health condition.

On this Mi Fit application, you can see your sleeping habits, sleeping time routing, sleeping well or not, or not to sleep less or more, or change the hours of sleep. This application will be a coach for you; will tell every bit about the health level. If you are not eating healthy, eating carbs all the time with less protein diet, the Mi Band will fetch the fat level of your body and will tell you to eat more proteins and fewer carbs.

To stay healthy and fresh you have to follow the routine described in the MI fit APK. Right away download this application, tap the download button below and install this on your Android device. To install Mi fit App manually, you have to change the security setting of your phone. To change the security setting of the phone, tap the setting of the device. Just tap on security or security setting and see the unknown sources button. If the button is checked on, very good, and if the button is not checked on, check it on and install the application.

And connect this Mi fit application to the MI band. All the information, that the band will fetch, directly can be viewed on the MI fit APK.

Tap the download button to get the latest version. If the link is not working or expired, comment down in the section.

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