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Middroid Eng Sika Injector is a must-have PUBG injector that got all the necessary hacks to make you a winner. If you fancy Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, then this Sika injector ensures that you get one. With tons of hacks and cheats, it would be your loss to put it aside and go with another one. Download Middroid Eng Sika Injector APK, you will not be disappointed.

PUBG is ruling the Android gaming world with millions of downloads and the craze of this Battle Royale does not seem to be dying anytime soon. When players are left on an island among vicious enemies, he has no option left but to shoot or get shot.

Among deadly enemies, surviving without any external aid is difficult for newbies and even advanced gamers. This external aid is provided by hacks and cheats. The game is tweaked to implement hacks. If it were not for hacks, a newbie can not even stand a minute in the war zone. Many different PUBG hacking tools are available for users to pick from.

However, no such tools can match up to the Middroid Eng Sika injector, it is because of the number of functions it provides and how it covers all areas of the game where a player might need help.

What is Middroid Eng Sika Injector?

PUBG is a popular game hosted by many RSDMods, cheats, and hacks, each cheating application provides a variety of hacks to help the players. All these hacks lack one thing or another, but the Middroid Eng Sika injector provides most of the hacks.

Developers value PUBG players and their feedback, they have integrated all the essential hacks. It carries famous hacks like Aimbot, Aimlock, Wallhack, and more. The list is long, you will be missing out on a gem if you go for other hacking tools without giving it a try.

Middroid Eng Sika Injector

Sika injector has managed to stay updated with the latest versions of PUBG. It has not lost its functionality or become worthless with each update of the PUBG version.

It supports the Android operating system as PUBG is an Android action game. So, do not waste your time by trying to download it on any other mobile operating system. Just stick to Android.

Is it Safe?

Is Middroid Eng Sika Injector safe? No, it is not, even when developers have claimed it to be 100% safe. Hacks can never be 100% safe not when the tight security system can detect hackers in the shortest time. Authorities do not encourage these unethical means as it is just not gives unfair advantage but also bad for the brand. They curb hacking by banning the suspects from the game.

Hacks and cheats are known to kill the interest, when you will be served wins on the platter, a user would lose interest eventually. It is suggested to play naturally, use hacks only when required, do not use more than one hack, and avoid getting into the bad books of other players by teasing them.


Every time player searches for a hacking tool, he chose it for its features, Sika injector got plenty of them. It would be hard to turn down as this application got some convincing. Eng Sika Injector will share a lot of key features with CCaster ESP for PUBG to have great Mods and hacks.

It would take us quite some time to list out all the features so, find the topmost features below.

  • See, shoot, run through walls with multiple Wallhack options.
  • Target precisely to kill your enemies with Aimbot and AimLock.
  • Change the player’s color to green, red, yellow, and black.
  • Features Antenna, Headshot, Magic, No recoil, less recoil, antishake, set scope, and camera player.
  • Run for your life with a Fast Parachute, speed player, and high jump.
  • Equipped with God’s view to get a Skyview of the whole island.
  • Supports rooted devices only.
  • Features a 100% Anti-ban plugin to save your gaming account.

How to Download Middroid Eng Sika Injector?

It is not available on Google Play Store, Sika injector can be downloaded via third-party websites. Not many websites carry a link to this injector, you can only find a reliable download link here. The installation process is mentioned below

  • Download the Middroid Eng Sika Injector by tapping on the download link.
  • If it is not already allowed, activate ‘Unknown Sources’ to facilitate third-party app installation.
  • Go to downloads, double-tap the downloaded file to begin the installation process.

An installation prompt will appear asking you to confirm installation, confirm, and wait a few seconds for the installation to complete.

That’s just it! Injecting cheats will be easier with the user-friendly interface, just toggle on and off any cheat you want to enable or disable.

In brief, the Middroid Eng Sika injector must have swayed you with its exciting features. It is hard to turn down an injector with such quality features. Be aware of the authorities, use hacks wisely.

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