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Mikey Modz

Download Mikey Modz ML to gain a free hand against opponents. A working, malware-free download link is available on this webpage, if you like what the mod has to offer, do not hesitate to install the app. It is difficult to stand longer on the battlefield against advanced players with limited resources.

Today, we have brought a tool that empowers the ML gamer with extra powerful abilities, any guesses? It is a mighty tool named Mikey Modz. If you are annoyed with other mod tools about their functionality, trust us, this mod menu for ML will check all the boxes that you want in an MLBB Mod.

All the premium and must-have items are locked and require money to unlock. Not all players can invest in gaming items and therefore lose heart and quit the game because of the unavailability of resources. These mod apps can help get these desired items for free, without any service charges. Apps like Mikey Mod menu are very famous currently which allows easy activation and deactivation of different features. Learn more about the tool from here.

What is Mikey Modz?

Generally, players have to top-up their accounts and use diamonds to buy premium stuff, not anymore, with this tool, get everything instantly without paying a penny. Unlock ML skins for almost all characters with just a few clicks. Besides skins and in-game items, the Mod also provides some additional features which assist players on the ML battlefield. Get ESP Lock Hero, Spam Chat, Hide IGN Player, emotes, battle effects, and many others.

Is it Safe?

Is Mikey Modz ML safe to use? No, it is not safe to use such a tool. Care should be exercised when using such tools and no player should use these apps too much. Even with the anti-ban and anti-detect features, it is hard to outsmart gaming authorities who have been searching for these players day and night.

Follow the precautions, do not go overboard with these tools. Utilize the features as little as possible only when you are backed against the wall. Try and test these tools first on fake accounts to see how much security they provide against the ban. If they pass the test, use it carefully on the official account.

Mod Menu

The main menu of the app contains

Mod Scripts

In this section, a player gets different options to unlock premium features and get an upper hand over other players. It includes ML Map Hack, ESP Hero Lock, Spam Chat, Hide ING Player, No-CD Kill or Spell, Unlocks All ML Skins.

Drone View

Get Drone view 1x and 2x to know the exact location of the enemies, their health, and movement.

Battle Emotes

Emojis and emoticons are a great way to express your feelings. Get different emotes for free.

App Screenshots

Mikey Modz
Mikey Modz


The list is never-ending and can not be summarized in a single post. However, we will try our best to introduce you to the main features of the app. Here are some more.

  • Anti-Ban – The app has strong anti-ban features that offer three main options to bypass the security filters. It provides maximum protection and reduces the risk of getting a ban.
  • Erase Records – The three main options in the Bypass Anti-Ban includes Clear Records, Clear Logs, and Bypass Anti-Ban.
  • Multiple Features Activation – A player can activate several options at a time, however, we would only recommend one.
  • Other Options – Get No CD Skill and Speel and Hide IGN Player for easier gameplay.
  • Spam Chat – Utilize the Spam Chat option to spam the chat and hide your in-game name.

How to Download?

Looking for a link to download this amazing, all-in-one Mod? No need to go anywhere else, we do not just provide details about the app but also a download link to the latest version. Follow this installation guide for installing Mikey Modz.

Download apk from the given link

Have you allowed Unknown Sources already? If not, go to phone settings now, head to Applications, and enable the option.
Find the downloaded file and click on it for installation, confirm the installation, and wait for it to complete.

App Password

The latest version of the mod is password-protected, the developers keep changing the login details, to stay updated on the new password, check their official channel frequently. Try Mikey Mod, if it works, you will get access, otherwise, go to the channel for authentic login details.


If you do not like this injector, you can try other ML injectors like Cyber Flex, use Zoetropic Mod, AH Esports, or Zolaxis Injector.

Final Words

This Mikey Modz injector does not disappoint with its features and working, you too can download the app right now by clicking on the link. Share the app with fellow ML players as well.

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