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Mouse toggle APK download

If you got Amazon Fire TV and not happy with the mouse and want to have something which can control your fire TV wirelessly, then you should download Mouse toggle APK from the given download link. This application will help you in getting a virtual a virtual mouse for Fire TV stick. So, have the app installed on your Fire TV and start tweaking around the different thing wirelessly.

How does Mouse toggle APK work?

Basically, it allows you to have a mouse without a physical mouse, you can control the Fire TV using D-pad buttons, it works simply, and one can control the channels without of any problem.

If you already know the Mouse Toggle APK works and how one can install the app on Fire TV then you simply should leave the post after downloading.

This post going to elaborate the entire installation briefly, from beginner’s level To install the app on your Fire TV, you need to enable the ADB debugging and App installation from the unknown sources.

To enable the ADB debugging you should navigate to the setting, device and developer option and enable ADB debugging and apps from unknown sources.

Now, you need to go to the search bar option and search for the downloader on your Fire TV.

This downloader will allow you to have any Android or APK file on this TV, like VLC, or any other what you use to install on your Android phone device.

Once the downloader is done with the installation, open it and you will see a simple interface, so you can download the Mouse toggle APK by searching up in here also.

But, before downloading Mouse toggle APK or installing, should enable the JavaScript option in your browser inbuilt web browser’s setting.

Enable Mouse Toggle for Fire TV or TV Stick:

Now, the last step comes, enabling the application to work fine with the Fire TV or TV stick.

Simply play the play/pause button twice on your remote.

This will change your remote input to the virtual mouse, disabling the mouse toggle is the same, as enabling it.

So, use the mouse how you want to use, and if you do not think using the virtual mouse is comfortable, you can disable this by doing the same above mentioned.

Mouse toggle APK add values to your lives, you simply can control your Fire TV without of any physical remote. Just download the app and start using it to control your Fire TV.

If you got any question related how the app works, or mouse Toggle APK, you can directly ask us by commenting down in the comment section.

Moreover, download Mouse toggle APK from the link below, I hope the link will be working fine, if not then comment down in the section.

Download >>> Mouse toggle for Android