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My talking tom cat APK free download for all Android mobile phones is going to be this landing page. The original talking Tom cat APK is back now and even better than ever.

This game is completely filled with unlimited fun and enjoyment. You can talk with the cat, touch him, tease him or he can copy your voice in very casual effect.

This version is free to download and install it on your smartphones. Even it is now going more popular or Samsung device models and much more phones of top brands.

Get your APK file for this concern from the bottom and perfectly supportable for Android OS 4.1 and up.

My Talking Tom cat is trademark from the developers of Outfit7 and it is a property of them also. This is only for personal and home use. If anything violating your terms feel free to let us know consequently.

Feature for Talking Tom Cat 3:

  • It has a hilarious voice and repeats what you say.
  • Play with Tom by touching anywhere around.
  • Stroke him or hit him.
  • To earn more gold coins just challenge him.
  • Eat cakes, burgers ETC on your instructions.
  • Customize the clothes with new outfits.
  • Make him a cowboy or you can go ahead with pirate Tom.
  • The surroundings are now much modified.
  • Manage the background by your own choice.
  • New actions are including as pillow smashes and exploding bags.
  • Easy swipe and fast and quickly responsive.
  • Record audios and videos of what the Tom is doing during your inputs.
  • Capture images, videos, and audios in very easy steps upload them to youtube or facebook as a result.
  • Share with your friends in many ways and enjoy.

It is the most popular app world widely expanding day by day so just take care of your talking tom. Play with any time you wants with its color full graphics. More than ten different minigames are in circled. 9 stages of levels you might be a pleasure to love them all.

The room decoration is awesome and entertains you with about 100 plus levels which are upgrading by getting coins. More you play more you get and use these coins to modify your favorite talking tom.

The app is mostly loved by children. Parents take benefit of this and put a smartphone already installed talking tom in the hand of their child. So they can do their work without any disturbance from their little baby. Even younger are loving this app too.

Additionally, you can use it when you feel boring after a lot of office work of something else. My Talking Tom cat is now mix up some of its friends and they will make you happy with some cat games free for Android users.