N7Player APK v2.4.15 Latest Free Download for Android

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N7player APK (Audio Music player) is given one of the best listing experience to the users. Mostly android users just love to play different music files on their Smartphone’s.

This player has a very simple user friendly interface include attractive colors and amazing features in the go. This latest version is best APK app for almost all devices (mobiles and tablets).

Plays all type most popular file formats. i.e. mp3, mp4, m4a, mid, xmf, ogg, mkv, flac, aac ogg, wav, 3gp

provide tenable 10 band equalizer to create a perfect base, treble, SRS, surround effects, audio normalization, pre-amp channel balance and custom creating of your own sound.

Thanks to the advanced developer of N7player apk they provide presets to choose from and the possibility of creating your own, enjoy your music in high-quality.

Automatically update your library so you never missed a newly downloaded file.

You don’t wants to add your love songs manually then let the app to work its own ways.

Control your tracks from your favorite songs list. Let it perform manually like Shuffle and Repeat One/All, Playback (Resume, continues) and access currently available queue of all your stuff.

Apart from basic stuff like repeat once, repeat all, shuffles all and n7player apk adds easily accessible.

Especially enable volume normalization.

Adjust channel balance and everything you need. If you don’t like this app after installation it is easy to uninstall as well So be cool to get it.

N7player APK new version has comes with great changes of improvements to perform well (You deserve). By getting this you are now going to total control on your musical library in particular.

More than twenty Millions of users had already installed this beautiful app and enjoying sound around the world. Now you want to download the best music player app. Just click on the below link and get it with a one click (Direct download link) from secure server.