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Hello, friends welcome to over website in order to download Polaris office. The latest version of this concern is currently released and here we go for it. We locate a simple one click download link with a short description. However, this page is all about to provide Polaris office APK file with lot information.

The safe place ever to put your files, s you can easily reach them by your Android smartphone or a computer. You can view them, invite other people to make changes with them. Download your files anytime at anywhere and leave comments on them.

Google driver has comes up with a lot features, which will give you free some free space as well. So here I would like to narrate of it uses including the key feature in next few lines.


  • Give you free storage on your personal account on the website.
  • It is fully compatible with the latest version of Microsoft office.
  • get quick access to your account and content as well.
  • You can upload your files including several attachments to Polaris office free space.
  • Compatible with PDF reader and converter.
  • Upload any type document and get a direct download link for your attachment.
  • Moreover, it will enable you to store your important data securely.
  • Offline mode will allows you to enable your files to view without any internet connection.
  • Much more on the go.

It is compatible, much creative, collaborate with a lot of key features. Supportable for multiple file formats including DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, TXT, HWP, ODT and PDF

How to Install Polaris office on your Android:

  1. First off all you should download the latest version Polaris office from the download area below.
  2. Now, install it on your Smartphone, so it will create an icon on your main screen automatically.
  3. Top on that Polaris office icon and let the program open.
  4. Once the application is open, you will see options for sign in your account.
  5. If you have already an account, then you will put your user name and password to login.

If you don’t have any polaris account, Make a new one and let’s start to save your data online with polaris Drive.

Finally, your download link is just ready to go with it. A single tap will lead you to the download page which actually locates the APK file. Afterwards, your questions and suggestions are beneficial. So, we are glad to answer you at any level of your concerns. You can also upgrade your free account to polaris office premium APK and go Pro you like.

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