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Sameer Virtual
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Sameer Arora

Sameer Virtual hacks and cheats in PUBG and other multiplayer games is becoming a trend as every player tends to use unfair means to get ahead. Thousands of hacking applications and tools are available to unlock premium items and facilitate gamers on the battlefield. However, is it safe to test new hacks and cheat every now and then?

The answer is no, using hacks bluntly will bring trouble. Commonly used hacks often get detected easily by the game’s security system and the player loses his gaming account. Sometimes the ban is temporary and sometimes there is no going back. Nobody wants to lose months of progress to these hacks. Is there a safer way to test hacks? Yes, we are about to tell you just that.

You must be curious to know what’s the safer way? There is an Android application that will let you test all the hacks you want without getting banned.

What is Sameer Virtual?

Sameer Virtual allows you to duplicate PUBG and other multiplayer games to test different hacking applications. Not just the games, it clones other apps as well available on the Android OS.

This Android Virtual Application provides a gateway by creating a guest account to test PUBG hacks without any restrictions. Make multiple accounts, move from one account to the other without turning it off, and the authorities will have a hard time tracking the illegal hacking activities.

Losing an account is the biggest concern that a user has, fearing they will lose all their progress, but with Sameer Virtual, test hacks first, see how it goes, if things go wrong, at least, the original account will not be harmed.

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Sameer Virtual
Sameer Virtual

Key Features of Sameer Virtual

Not just games, all the applications available on the Android device can be cloned as per the need and preference. Run multiple accounts for different purposes. Sameer ESP will provide you PUBG clone and the below features.

Clone Android games and applications either to test hacks or for other purposes.
This app will not even charge you a penny. Download, install, and clone without spending your hard-earned money.

  • Free from promotional materials, does not allow any ads, banners, and popups to invade user space.
  • Provides a secure port to test hacks, cheats, and tricks, saving your original account from all the experiments.
  • Quick and easy cloning process, a user will be done with just a single click.
  • Hides IP, location, and other important information so that the authorities can not detect or track illegal activities. No action will be taken against such activities as they can not be tracked.

How to Install Sameer Virtual?

After hearing about how much safer it is to test hacks with Sameer Virtual, you must be thinking of downloading it. We do not want you to wander from website to website or end up with an outdated version. We have provided the link to download Sameer Virtual.

  • Download the moded version of this app from the given link.
  • Go to Menu, open settings, navigate to security settings, scroll down to Unknown Sources, enable it to download this third-party application.
  • Tap the downloaded file from the File Manager or ‘Downloads’ section of the browser.
  • The installation will start and will take a few seconds to finish.
  • Once done, tap the app icon and the user is ready to clone.

A user may come across a security alert when trying to install the application, log in to the security settings of the device and become ‘anonymous’.

In brief, Hackers will be quite happy to know about this app that allows safer hacking, not at the cost of the gaming account. Developers of this app keep making the app better with frequent updates. Download and clone right away with just one click.

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