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Sony album APK download

For those who love to capture image all the time, and manage the pictures, edit them and share them online, Sony Album APK would be a nice catch. This application provides you all the stuff at one place, like sharing of the images, making impressive looks of the image folders, browsing images, sharing them online and much more. So, if you want to manage your SD card image folder and want to give a new look to that folder, which application is for you.

Just hit the download button and get the application on your Android phone. Install the app safely; there were some bugs, which recently on remove.

How to install Sony album APK

Sony Album APK is the latest trend, and this requires a higher Android version. So, if the application is not being installed on your phone, you should probably not have Android 4.2 version.

Still, there are ways which can manage your phone to install the app. When you will install this application on your phone you will see that all the videos and images of your phone are being shown at one place. Like, all the videos and images, wherever they were a store, they will show at one place.

However, that is the nice thing; you can share these images with your social media accounts directly. This is Sony Album application; it gives you a stunning user interface to you. You get different effects, and all the images you see on the folder with different angles, with different animations. It seems like you have 3D effects on your phone, images will be shift momentarily when you will resize the images.

You can give different effects to your gallery, like when you will zoom in the gallery; you would see dancing images from left to right and vice versa.

Features of Sony album:

Sony Album is a new intuitive way to browse high-quality images and videos on your phone with great speed. Plus, viewing and sharing of the images becomes easier.

  • Best application to edit your image and share online
  • Browse your images, resize them, have a pleasant looking interface
  • Have all of your images at one place
  • Get all the videos, images and media files under one root
  • Share images online to social media accounts
  • Give 3D Look to your image folder

It will show all the other images which previously not being uploaded to your phone


If your content is showing the wrong details related to data, please fix it from the details option in your full-screen view of the windows.

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Download Sony album APK from the given download option, and install safely on your phone. Browse your images and give them the pleasant looking interface.

Sony Album APK file Download for Android