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Strange VPN APK is the host application for Android users. This will assist you to unlock and open the locked apps and websites. Android games like Free fire and PUBG, will be easily unblocked with this VPN at super speed.

What is VPN – Vertual Private Network

To access the internet safely and securely. You must go with the virtual host. Whenever you connected to any random internet connection for space of the internet.

There are a lot of chances that your data will be hacked. Your information might be available to others. To overcome this and make your connection encryption, a strange VPN is formed. Here you can easily download the latest version APK file.

Why Strange VPN?

I know there were so many VPN Apps are available. They are efficient but will make your device slower. If you play PUBG mobile on VPN it will have a very high ping for you. That is why Strange VPN aims smooth and speedy.

Strange VPN APK Download

Not only give you access to blocked apps, Games, and Websites. Also, provide security and hide your information from hacker. There are many more chances online these days of hacking and being caught by cruel people. They will steal your information and make it useful for illegal activities.

Gives you premium host addresses and IPs to get the remote locations. So within the different IPs, you are able to get into the blocked resources.

Key Features

Top Class VPN

Rendering one of the best virtual private network providers.

Unban of Games & Apps

Unlock banned Apps and Games.

Open Websites Globally

Unblock blocked websites worldwide.


Online Security is the key thing to using Strange VPN.

Anonymous IP

Surf the internet with an unknown IP address.

Not Traceable

You can go anonymous and no one can track your present location.

New IP

Generate or create new and undefinable IP.

Hide Location

Hide your identity and location at the same time.

Download Strange VPN APK File

Download the strange VPN anti-ban host, only from our website. This app works on both root and no root devices.

No ads will there and no charges for the VPN app to download. Also, do install freely and easily on your Android. Supporting IPV6 and the custom hot file selection feature is invariably possible.

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