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Tans Xbooster

If you are a Mobile Legends fan, you are in for a treat as we brought you one of the coolest ML hacks, Tans Xbooster Vip. The game gets easier, the user does have to encounter much friction leveling up with Tans Xbooster ML. Download Tans Xbooster Vip APK and gets yourself some much-deserved win.

Are you entitled to call yourself a ‘gamer’ if you have not played one of the most loved Android combat games, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Just two minutes in, the player has already fallen in love with the ML world and never wants to leave. Many gamers spend hours fighting the opponents racking up points daily. It has sort of become a ritual for regular players to spend a good amount of time in the fantasy world.

What is a Tans Xbooster MLBB?

It is a cheating tool packaged with plenty of hacking features that will make you a winner in no time. This hack is made strictly for Android users and is compatible with the Android Operating System.

You do not get everything for free in the fantasy world, it does not work on wishes and wants. Pay some money to get special skins and premium features. If you want the items but do not have the resources to pay, just employ a hacking tool to do the job. You will come across plenty of hacks and cheats, we do not guarantee all of them to be good but some of them will live up to the hype.

If you are having trouble finding a reliable hack, go with the Tans Xbooster. It provides plenty of help to survive on the ML battlefield. Follow us for more information.

Tans Xbooster Vip

Most players struggle with ranking, it gets quite difficult to level up after a while. With this tool, you do not have to worry as once you activate the cheat, it will boost rank automatically.

Is Tans Xbooster safe?

Many users ask is it harmful? Would it get us banned? Hacks are anything but safe, risk is part of the package with cheating tools. A user manipulates the game by taking advantage of the game’s glitches, which are unethical and illegal in the gaming world.

Developers have integrated hack servers and bypassed anti-ban but we still can not put out a good word for user safety. It might be possible that you get away with it but chances are slim. It is also up to the users how he uses the hacks and how much.

It is advised to activate one cheat at a time
Utilize hack only when necessary.
Do not irritate other players to the point they report you to authorities.


Tans Xbooster Mod features some of your favorite hacks, we are sure you will love it. Developers believe in keeping things concise yet effective, this ML tool is not loaded with as many hacks as some others but it covers the basics. You will get all that will make you a winner. It includes the following features.

The user will get the rank promotion that he has been looking forward to for a long time with the integrated MLBB Rank Booster cheat. Increase the damage done to players and weapons by 37%, how cool is that. Features enemy lag 35%, it will cause a lag in the enemy’s server to delay their response meanwhile, you get the time to play your trick.

  • Equipped with the pro player team and cooldown hack.
  • Integrated anti-banned bypass and server hack for user safety.
  • Does not collect personal user data, user privacy is respected.
  • No midway interruption of promotional content
  • Easy to use with a simple interface.

How to download and install Tans Xbooster ML?

For all the ML cheaters out there, we come bearing good news that you can download the latest version of this tool from the download link available on this website. This tool is quite new in the market, just a few months old, a user might have difficulty getting the right link. It is not available on Google Play Store if you are thinking of downloading from the Android app’s hub. You will have no luck, your best bet, reliable third-party websites.

  • Download Tans Xbooster by clicking on the download hyperlink.
  • Go to the Android security settings and allow third-party app installation by activating ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Run the downloaded setup by clicking on the file, installation will complete in a few seconds.
  • Once the hack is installed, launch the app, a cheat menu will appear, toggle on the cheats you want to inject.

Putting it all together, Mod Tans Xbooster is a hacking tool loaded with all the essential amenities. However, most players want free skins, this hack does not feature free skins, just some cool cheats. If you want ML skins, download an ML skin injector.

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