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Living in China and want to interact with social media like Facebook is somehow difficult as a result. To get in touch with Chinese people you need an alternative social website consequently. Today we are here to share a social network that comes with all of your desires. Download Weibo APP (English) version APK file on your Android devices.

Follow Sina Weibo APK in English, it is your personal channel to expand your social network to China. Additionally, It’s a full English app assisting non-Chinese readers like you to engage with Chinese social media. Beginning with Sina Weibo App where you can get a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. However, by staying on top of the first-hand news posted by local media, bloggers, celebrities, plus connecting with your business partners, friends and fans in China.

You need a Sina Weibo account to use this app, if you haven’t, go to the link and create a new one right now.

After logging in, you can view your Weibo timeline, check out each post and turn the Chinese post into English by simply tapping the ‘translate’ button. Moreover, you can search your friends and interact with them by clicking ‘reply’, ‘repost’ and ‘comment’ on their posts. We will continue to improve the app with more features like Suggestions on who to follow, Image Upload, Slang translation, Human translation, and take it beyond Sina Weibo  App to Tencent Weibo, WeChat, RenRen, QZone.

Key Features:

  • Weibo English interface throughout the app
  • Viewing your Weibo timeline
  • Auto translate Chinese Weibo post into English
  • Translation of simplified and traditional Chinese into English by basic machine translation
  • Write a post and translate that into Chinese, you can post in both languages.
  • Reply, Repost and Comment on Weibo posts in English or Chinese
  • Search people
  • Follow/unfollow people

More features on the roadmap:

  1. Image upload
  2. Suggestions on who to follow
  3. Translation of comments
  4. Slang translation

Human translation Other Chinese social media platforms like Tencent Weibo, WeChat, RenRen, QZone

Other Chinese social media platforms like Tencent Weibo, WeChat, RenRen, QZone

We are aware of the difficulties in having Chinese machine translated into English, we are not in the market to solve that, but we want to give you some feeling where a post is about. We are working on an enhanced machine translation function.

Finally get Weibo APP English APK and Instant login to joins the social system in China. We are constantly developing and your comments on the current build are very important to us. You can send us feedback in the following comment box:

For the most up-to-date information, please check out our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and Google+

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