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Do you want to get the WI-FI password of the nearby internet connection? WIBR+ is the application that can make you get the password of that WI-FI without much doing. This application finds WPA/WPS vulnerable internet connection in the reach and gets their passwords reveals, though the application can take hours to find the password, that time worth.

Download WIBR plus pro APK from the given download link and install it on your Android phone or tablet.

Remember one thing, the application will not hack the entire router or control the traffic of that network, you are going to explore only the passwords so that you could get the passwords and consume the internet.

The algorithms by following which application works are not that complex, this application tries one-by-one predefined and saved passwords, and if the WI-FI password is one of them, it can get it detected and provide you in a simple rich file.

This was the dictionary testing, what I elaborate above in the lines and the second type of testing what the application supports is violent testing.

In this, the user can select the alphabet, the length of the password, the application will try to find and mix all the characters to explore the password of the application.

So, you have no need to worry while using the application, it is very simple in doing.


You just choose the network you want, and the WIBR+ app will check and test the WPA/WPA2 network with the pre-shared stored keys.

You ought to choose the type of attack you want to have for the network, dictionary type of Bruteforce test.

If you have made the set up right, then pull up your socks and see what is going to happen. Within some hours, WIBR+ APK will find out the password of the connection.

Plus, you should use the application for learning purposes, to get to know which things make the network easy to target and find the loopholes in a network.

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