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PLDT WiFi hacker is a PLDT based network application. That the app is helpful in modifying passwords in different ways.

For PLDT modems, you can do create the default password that will let you get access. For any WiFi password maker, you can use this as the most successful WiFi hacker of all time. Simply from your Android, you can do install this app and start hacking the WiFi passwords at no time.

What is PLDT WiFi Hacker?

One of the best WiFi hackers is suitable and has a great outcome. In the means of favorable conditions and with some default hackability. This app named PLDT is supporting to password recovery and can crack the WPA security protocols.

All your PLDT based WiFi or wireless modems will easily be unlocked by this app. So you can unlock the device and go to its properties, then modify and find to free your hands on the secret codes.

By simple means, you will be able to connect and communicate with that network provider without knowing its password. Let’s do check out the features of the app in detail. All other aspects including a free download link will be available right on the web page.

Key Features:

The main aim is to utilize the app for finding or changing the nearby available networks. all other relative features were list here below lines.

  • Hack default passwords that are close to you and in your signal range.
  • All the thing is happening just on the go. Few clicks will lead you to strive for your goal.
  • The app is very responsive, simple, user friendly, and instantly actionable.
  • Countries like the philippine use such PLDT modems. So the app is most suitable for the Philippines and their era.
  • Neighborhood countries and the existence of these types of network adapters can get benefits.
  • Lower in size and bigger in workability.
  • Fits for all kind of smartphones having an old or newer version of Android operating systems.


There is just one thing that you might have to remember before using this or such applications. This will only let you access the networks that are only using the default security protocols.

If someone strictly does act upon this and makes it harder then you might not be able to do your work. But this is very less in case. All other for sure you will get the password and access to the network’s WiFi.

Download Link

You can do get the application right from the below path. It is free and always a live link location to do so. Simply tap on it and you will start the download apart. After that open the PLDT WiFi Hacker APK file and start installing the app on your Android. In the endotherm were no lags and no errors in the app. This must be unique and specific for the modems and WiFi routers.

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